Patio Outdoor Seating

Now is the time to build that patio you’ve been wanting for your business.

Create outdoor seating for your customers with the perfect patio space.

Call us today for a free consult and we’ll guide you through what can be done with your commercial space to utilize the outdoor portion.


Winterize Your Garage Floor

Schedule your consult now to discuss the possibilities of upgrading your garage floor before the winter months.

Epoxy floor systems not only make your garage floor look great but last longer too! As one of the strongest and most durable coatings, it will help protect your concrete flooring underneath. Unlike paint, it creates a chemical reaction when applied and cured which results in a thicker protection layer. Once completed, your floor is equipped for whatever is thrown at it. Chip-resistant if tools are dropped, stain-resistant and easy to clean up with those oil or paint spills, and protected from any outside elements tracked in all year long.

All seasons can bring harsh conditions for your garage floor, but winter is one of the worst. With the cold temperatures, constant dampness, snow, ice, and salt sludging in and out of your garage on a daily basis, it can do a lot of damage to your floor surface. With an epoxy coating, you can protect that surface and allow for easier cleanup! Depending on the surrounding weather and conditions, we can apply extra grip to avoid slippery surfaces.

Completely customizable both aesthetically and functionally, Expoxy Flooring could be the perfect solution for your indoor concrete surface!

Outdoor Showroom

Ready to design your custom patio, driveway, walkway or pool deck but aren’t sure what surface fits your style best? Come visit the outdoor showroom at our office! Poured and stamped all around our office so you can get the real effect of our pattern options. See for yourself, walk on it, feel it and get the true experience in person to help create the perfect concrete surface for you.

Stop by: 118 South Cameron Street, Winchester, VA 22601

Commercial and Residential Concrete

residential and commercial concrete

Commercial or Residential, we can complete your concrete needs. Basic or elaborate, there’s no task too big or too small.

Not sure if what you had in mind will work? We’ll stop by for a free consult, talk it through and discuss the best options with you.

Give us a call!

Open House Celebration

We invite you to please join us Apple Blossom Friday for our open house celebration! Stop by, say Hi and see our new office.

May 3 from 11AM – 3PM

118 South Cameron Street, Winchester, VA 22601


Another Year of Concrete

Looking forward to another year with our clients in the concrete world. Spring Has finally shown itself and we are ready to dive in! From large structural slabs, elevated decks, gigantic stamped concrete projects, to a simple patio. Let us help in the design and planning stage.

Excited to get our 12th year underway stamping concrete. It’s been a very busy winter doing commercial flat work, now it’s time to do what we love; making concrete beautiful!

Check Out Our Stamped Concrete Portfolio

Check Out Our Commercial Work Portfolio 

Give your Concrete Surface a Good Cleaning

This patio was poured some time ago but has maintained it’s longevity with proper maintenance and a resent reseal.

Fall is here and it’s more important than ever to maintain the upkeep on your concrete surface to ensure longevity.

Give your concrete surface a good cleaning. Clear off all the summer grim. Get out the pressure washer and with a mild cleaner, rinse off any dirt.

The leaves are beautiful but can create issues if not tending to. Wet leaves can leave stains or marks on your concrete surface if they are left over time. As soon as the leaves start falling, keep your concrete surface clear of any debris.

If you haven’t already you need to properly seal your concrete. A sealer will improve the appearance of stamped concrete, prevent fading caused by UV rays, and protect it from stains and harmful chemicals. Continue reading Why You Should Seal Stamped Concrete

As the days and nights get colder we need to prep for the ice to follow. Be cautious with the solutions you use on your concrete surface. Concrete can be weakened when subjected to rock salt. While concrete is a tough and durable material, it can and will absorb water. When you put out rock salt to melt snow and ice, the salt dissolves the snow and makes a salt water mix that then enters the pores of your concrete.When the temperatures drop and the water freezes, the pressure of growing ice crystals within the concrete can cause spalling (the surface becomes rough and flaky, and begins to pit). On a low level, this can be purely cosmetic, but it can also result in structural damage. Consider using sand instead.

Give us a call or schedule a follow up to see how your concrete surface is hold up and discuss the proper maintenance options.

4th of July Facebook Contest Time

It’s 4th of July Week and we are taking some time to sit back and enjoy the activities and have a fun #contest!

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Winner will be picked on the 9th!

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Stamped Concrete Maintenance

While properly poured and cared for stamped concrete surfaces are built to last, seasonal maintenance is a crucial step to the longevity. Now that the colder weather is behind us it’s time to clean up our patios, pool decks and driveways and welcome the summer months!

Is your concrete surface in need of a reseal? Keep it looking as good as day 1. Take a look at this stamped patio poured 3 years ago. With a fresh coat of sealant, the beauty still holds true. Periodic sealing is the best way to protect your concrete from moisture penetration, staining, freeze-thaw conditions, de-icing chemicals, and abrasion. Get on a maintenance plan with us at Blackwater to properly maintain your decorative concrete annually.

Stamped Concrete Maintenance

Check out some other useful tips for keeping your concrete surface clean and clear.

  • Keep the surface free of debris by using a broom, leaf blower, or rinsing with water.
  • Exterior surfaces can be pressure washed or scrubbed with a mild detergent. For interior surfaces, wet mopping or dry dust mopping of the floor is typically the only routine upkeep needed.
  • Don’t allow debris to sit for long periods of time on an area of the surface.
  • There are a variety of ways to remove stubborn stains such as dirt, tire marks, leaf stains, and grease spots. In these cases, water may not be enough. This is when stronger cleaning chemicals or a power washing and scrubbing may be required. Read more about power washing, using chemicals to clean stains, removing oil on concrete.
One of the first patio’s we did 11 years ago. We just re-sealed again, looks like the day we left. Sealer is key!

It’s Time for the Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival

Stop by and say hi at the Leesburg Flower and Garden Festival April 21st and 22nd.

This is a great family event that we always enjoy participating in! Take this opportunity to talk to our team about ideas you have and options for any of your decorative concrete needs. Food, music and activities for all will be happening all weekend long. Take a look at what’s happening here.

leesburg flower and garden festival