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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we are always able to provide proof of the insurance certificate for each project. Please request this information when signing the contract.

The average turnaround time for each project is 1-7 days, weather permitting, and based on the actual project details.

Yes, and we also offer estimates online for our busy prospects (please provide as much detail as possible). Our representative will call you to discuss your project or set an appointment within 24 hours.

Yes, stamped concrete is easily maintained as long as it is maintained properly, which includes periodic re-sealing. Please ask us for additional details.

We have an average price, but due to the unique details of each project there are some additional items that may cost more due to the complexity of the work. For example, stained or non-stained borders, medallion installation, drainage changes and installations, sprinkler moving and capping, sealer additives, steps, individual staining, special stamping techniques and face finishing.

We will discuss these details with you when you request a quote.

The average thickness of newly installed concrete is 4-8″.

You can choose from 1-5 colors. The design and colors will depend on the customer’s design decision and interest in having the concrete resemble stone.

Decorative concrete is not any more slippery than tile, laminate, or wood when wet. However, for an affordable cost, we can offer a skid resistant additive as part of your project.

We do small and large projects.  Please call our office for assistance and pricing.

Yes, however, there is a fee based on the complexity of the installation or moving.

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

We offer benefits to assist you with the cost of providing a more skid resistant finish for you for FREE.