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Decorative Walls

BlackWater Designer Concrete can add beauty to your outdoor living spaces with decorative concrete walls. They can be designed to your specifications, and can be hand stained as you prefer. Well placed seating walls are a simple and low cost way to incorporate a focal point that also serves as an entertaining area, as well as a showcase for design materials such as natural stone, into any outdoor garden space.

When designing outdoor space for entertaining, one of the first things we suggest is to divide the space into outdoor rooms. One terrific way to create the feeling of different rooms or spaces is to create varying levels in the yards. BlackWater Designer Concrete can help accomplish this by using a series of concrete steps and low retaining walls designed at seat height. The placement of these seating walls can create great focal points. They can be used to surround and highlight a fountain or favorite water feature, create a raised tree planter or add substantial seating area for entertaining guests.

The incorporation of decorative walls into your plans for an outdoor space is fast becoming one of the easiest ways to add character and charm while providing function as well. Decorative walls can be used as seating knee walls, as privacy walls that define your property line, retaining walls to hold back earth, and walls that comprise the exterior of a home. Walls can be constructed with interior or exterior finishes. Contact us today for a free consultation.