Another Year of Concrete

Looking forward to another year with our clients in the concrete world. Spring Has finally shown itself and we are ready to dive in! From large structural slabs, elevated decks, gigantic stamped concrete projects, to a simple patio. Let us help in the design and planning stage.

Excited to get our 12th year underway stamping concrete. It’s been a very busy winter doing commercial flat work, now it’s time to do what we love; making concrete beautiful!

Check Out Our Stamped Concrete Portfolio

Check Out Our Commercial Work Portfolio 

Stamped Concrete Maintenance

While properly poured and cared for stamped concrete surfaces are built to last, seasonal maintenance is a crucial step to the longevity. Now that the colder weather is behind us it’s time to clean up our patios, pool decks and driveways and welcome the summer months!

Is your concrete surface in need of a reseal? Keep it looking as good as day 1. Take a look at this stamped patio poured 3 years ago. With a fresh coat of sealant, the beauty still holds true. Periodic sealing is the best way to protect your concrete from moisture penetration, staining, freeze-thaw conditions, de-icing chemicals, and abrasion. Get on a maintenance plan with us at Blackwater to properly maintain your decorative concrete annually.

Stamped Concrete Maintenance

Check out some other useful tips for keeping your concrete surface clean and clear.

  • Keep the surface free of debris by using a broom, leaf blower, or rinsing with water.
  • Exterior surfaces can be pressure washed or scrubbed with a mild detergent. For interior surfaces, wet mopping or dry dust mopping of the floor is typically the only routine upkeep needed.
  • Don’t allow debris to sit for long periods of time on an area of the surface.
  • There are a variety of ways to remove stubborn stains such as dirt, tire marks, leaf stains, and grease spots. In these cases, water may not be enough. This is when stronger cleaning chemicals or a power washing and scrubbing may be required. Read more about power washing, using chemicals to clean stains, removing oil on concrete.
One of the first patio’s we did 11 years ago. We just re-sealed again, looks like the day we left. Sealer is key!

Upgrade to a Concrete Pool Deck

Does your existing pool deck need a face-lift? Upgrade to a concrete pool deck. Wooden decks demand a lot of maintenance to maintain their lifespan. Fading from the sun, splintering, bowing, warping from water damage, loose boards, cracked paint….the list could go on. Yearly power washing, stripping, re-staining, waterproofing, wooden pool decks require endless attention to look nice and function properly. Create an appealing and inviting entertainment area. Pools are a large investment for most households, add to that property value with a well built and custom designed concrete patio.

The design options are endless, from simplistic to patterns and color stains. Make your space your own and eliminate the constant repair and maintenance that your existing pool deck required. With minimal care, a concrete pool deck will withstand the elements and maintain it’s beauty and functionality.

Our team works with you from start to finish. We will assess your current situation and recommend the best plan of action for demolition of any existing deck, to the design and structure of your new space. We help guide you through the best choices for your design wishes and functionality requirements. We don’t get started until we all agree with the direction to head in. Our projects are finished until you have a complete design that meets all your needs!

What makes our day? Getting feedback like this from our happy clients! “Happy holidays! Just wanted to thank you and your team for the great job they did on my house in Luray this summer. We are very pleased with the results and look forward to many years enjoying the pool area together. I’ve attached some Before/After pictures. – Thanks again, Mario”