Seamless Texture Patio with Decorative Concrete Wall

Seamless Texture Patio with Decorative Concrete Wall

If you’re looking for a way to add subtle texture to your new concrete, a seamless texture stamp is an excellent option.

Seamless stamps, also called ‘texture skins’, give concrete a stone-like texture, but without a pattern. Instead, your concrete will appear to be one continuous piece of stone with no visible joints.

Seamless Texture Patio with Borders and Decorative Concrete Wall

In this recent project, we used a seamless texture stamp and added borders and decorative concrete walls to define the space. We couldn’t be happier with the final look!

Seamless Texture Patio with Decorative Concrete Wall

Seamless stamps can be used on driveways, patios, pool decks and more. Check out our project examples to decide if you’d like the look of seamless stamped concrete for your next project.

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Patio with Decorative Concrete Walls

Concrete walls don’t need to just hold dirt back – they can be a decorative piece in your yard or patio. Well placed seating walls are a simple and low cost way to incorporate a focal point that also serves as an entertaining area, as well as a showcase for design materials such as natural stone, into any outdoor garden space.

Because of the numerous decorative options that can be used, concrete walls do not need to be basic, gray and aesthetically unpleasing. They can be made to look like block or stone and colored to match your landscaping, making concrete a better alternative to stacked block walls.

Check out this recent patio with decorative concrete walls:

Patio with Decorative Concrete Walls

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Multi Level Stamped Concrete Patio

Multi Level Stamped Concrete Patio

We were thrilled to help these homeowners design this beautiful multi level stamped concrete patio.

With two different levels uniquely designed, they can now create different outdoor living spaces that blend together smoothly. For example, one level could be a dining area with space for a table and chairs while the second level could be a space for grilling out or even relaxing in a hot tub.

This patio was created with a darker, contrasting border which helps to define the different outdoor living spaces.

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Backyard Patio, From Start to Finish

Backyard Patio, From Start to Finish | Blackwater Concrete

There are a lot of steps involved in stamping concrete, and only a short window of time in which to get them done.

From beginning to end, all concrete spaces need to be well thought out by contractors that are experienced, organized and well prepared.


Enrich your outdoor living space for years to come with a patio design that’s well thought out from start to finish. Take, for instance, this small Ashlar Slate backyard patio. The aged stone on the back-side of the house and the ‘weathered’ look of the patio look great together!

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Backyard Patio, From Start to Finish | Blackwater Concrete

Stunning Custom Concrete Driveway and Garage Entrance


Custom concrete driveways are are permanent, low maintenance additions to your home that can improve its appearance, give kids a safe place to ride scooters, decrease erosion, and make keeping your car clean easier.

Beyond the endless array of patterns and textures available, coloring methods such as stains, integral color, and powdered pigments will give your custom concrete driveway an authentic look.


Just check out this stunning custom concrete driveway and 4-car garage entrance, designed and installed by the professionals at Blackwater.

For this project, we used neutral tones that would complement the home and landscape as well as a border for decorative interest.

Make your driveway great again!

Making A Good First Impression With Your Entryway

Just look at this elegant, stamped concrete entryway with its complementary colors and dark, contrasting border. Now that's a dramatic entryway!

The front entryway of your home or business is the first thing that visitors will see, so you want it to make a good impression.

The key to making a good first impression with your entryway is using it to complement the rest of your home. For instance, you might choose to have a concrete overlay applied that matches or complements the siding on your home. Alternatively, you might choose the look of natural stone, wood or tile to match your home’s aesthetic “feel”.

If your entry is boring, old concrete, then you’re making the wrong impression. Just look at this elegant, stamped concrete entryway with its complementary colors and dark, contrasting border. Now that’s a dramatic entryway!

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Elevated Concrete Porch with Stone Accents

Elevated Concrete Porch with Stone Accents: Designed and installed by Blackwater Designer Concrete in Virginia.

Concrete is one of the most economical, versatile and durable building materials available.

Unlike wood, concrete has a longer lifespan, less maintenance and can be more aesthetically appealed when you have an experienced team of designers on your side.

This elevated concrete porch uses a light, neutral color slab to compliment the great stonework in the columns and bottom part of the home’s exterior.

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Ashlar Slate Walkway with Border

Ashlar Slate Walkway with Border | Blackwater Concrete in Northern Virginia

Decorative concrete has overtaken traditional masonry as the preferred method of achieving a beautiful and durable outdoor space that is both economical and durable, and the Ashlar Slate pattern is at the top of everyone’s list!

Ashlar Slate is such a great, versatile design and can look great with a clean-edged finish or with borders.

For this project, we created an Ashlar Slate walkway and added a slightly darker border for contrast. Faux grout lines between the stones give the patio a beautiful, hand-laid stone appearance.

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More Than ‘Just A Walkway’

Walkway Stamped With An Arizone Flagstone Pattern, designed and installed by Blackwater Designer Concrete out of Virginia.

If you’re looking to add some great curb appeal to your home, you should consider having your walkway stamped with an Arizona Flagstone pattern.

Walkways are more than just a way to get from here to there so why not take them from boring to amazing!? There are numerous decorative concrete alternatives sure to dress up your space. Take, for example, this recent project of ours.

If you want a personalized concrete walkway that will suit your home and your tastes, contact the professionals at Blackwater and see why we’re the top concrete contractor in the area. If you have existing concrete walkways that are boring and grey, don’t worry. We specialize in transforming drab concrete into something unique and decorative! Call today for a free consultation.

6×6 Decorative Tile for a Pool Surround


It’s pool season!! And no pool or spa design can be complete without decking. Check out this recent project where we used 6×6 Decorative Tile for a Pool Surround.

Now, this pool stands out as a feature on this homeowner’s 4500 sq. foot deck!

If you’re planning a swimming pool or spa, let Blackwater help create the oasis you’ve been dreaming of! Contact us today!