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Custom Stamped Concrete

stamped concrete

Consider stamped concrete for your next patio, pool deck or walkway needs. Custom stamped concrete is our most popular request as clients create their desired look and explain their needs, they discover the endless combinations to match any design element. Today you can benefit from the long lasting, low maintenance world of concrete with an attractive, three-dimensional, two-toned appearance. Get the look of wood without the yearly upkeep, create a walkway with dimension from our Ashlar Slate pattern….the combinations of patterns, textures and colors open to your creativity.

Stamped concrete is a system of adding colors, patterns and textures to a plain concrete slab at the time of pouring. The concrete is poured, colored and then imprinted with a stamp to create the appearance you want. Many different textures are available that simulate slate, granite, brick, cobblestone, or even custom designs and imprinted in concrete. Borders can be created for matching or contrasting patterns. You aren’t just limited to flat surfaces, as this technique can also be applied to stairs and ramps.

During our process, once stamping is completed, a protective sealant is applied that allows the new concrete to resist oil, water, mildew, and stains. This protective sealant further improves the overall strength of the concrete and gives the surface visual appeal. Looking for an anti-slip finish? That can be applied as well.

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