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Designing a Driveway That Fits The Landscape

Designing a Driveway That Fits The Landscape | Blackwater Designer Concrete

As landscape architect Tom Wirth would say, “Like a country road, a driveway should hold up under traffic and fit the landscape.”

Today, homeowners have a multitude of choices to create a custom driveway look that increases curb appeal and leaves plenty of space for any other driveway activities, such as a game of basketball or bike-riding. But, we always try and design a driveway that fits the landscape.

This could mean utilizing colors and materials that complement the surroundings, but it could also mean adding a sidewalk or retaining wall that pulls your entire front yard together.

Blackwater Designer Concrete recognizes that correctly designing and installing a driveway is more than just moving dirt around and pouring in concrete. That’s why we design driveways that fit your homes architecture as well as the landscaping that surrounds it.

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