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Meet Bill Williams


It’s been said that Bill has a “specific set of skills” for not only the building of our fire pits and walls, but the creative concrete coloring on all our projects.  His artistic aptitude helps to set BlackWater apart from our competitors.  In addition to having worked in the concrete industry for nearly 20 years, Bill is often referred to as the MacGyver in the group; if a problem needs a special or “unique” solution, the team often calls on Bill to develop it. We love having Bill as a part of our BlackWater team as much as he enjoys the team environment and friendships he has with his colleagues.

To describe Bill as an avid hunter is not accurate – he loves hunting and fishing and takes every opportunity possible to get into the woods or on the river (almost as much as Eric)!  And if he’s not hunting or fishing, you will find him spending time with family.

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