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Trowel Down Overlay

trowel down overlay

A Trowel Down overlay has many residential and commercial applications, especially when the client wants a decorative concrete floor with a handcrafted feel. Most commonly, Trowel Down overlays are used for pool decks, patios, steps/stairs, driveways, walkways, garages, floors and walls.

This material is white and can be stained in many different colors to create the look of a old European floor. That’s because a concrete artisan’s trowel marks are as unique as an artist’s brush strokes, causing stains and tinted sealers to react with the coating unevenly, leading to a marbled or mottled look.

Each Trowel Down project is unique. We will work with you to develop the perfect pattern, color, scoring and shapes in the design to create a surface custom tailored to your exact needs. Contact our concrete artisans today!!