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Why Use Concrete Countertops?

Why use concrete countertops? Well, because they are functional and…they just look cool!

There are multiple reasons that make concrete a great material for countertops. Like any of the countertop surface options you’ll have your pros and cons but it comes down to your needs and desired look. Using concrete has many benefits, let’s cover some.

  1. It’s affordable.
  2. You can create custom colors and designs by staining the concrete surface. Make it your own, match your color scheme, glossy or matte, the options are endless!
  3. When sealed properly it’s water and stain resistant.
  4. You can create a mold for nearly any shape you can think of.
  5. You can inlay objects like rocks, shells, sea glass, figurines, coins, etc.
  6. You can stamp it with a design.
  7. Concrete is heat resistant, but it’s still recommended to use caution when placing high heat directly on the surface.
  8. It cleans easily.

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