Micro Topping Overlay with Water-Based Stain Floor

Micro topping overlay with water based stain floor

Does your concrete need a fresh start? We see it all the time- old, worn concrete floors that homeowners hate to look at. As a homeowner, you have many options when choosing your interior flooring but basically, the options include carpet, hardwood, laminate and concrete.

Staining interior concrete floors has become a popular flooring choice for those looking to achieve a very modern look. To save time and money, we can apply a super-thin concrete overlay over older concrete in a project like this micro topping overlay with water-based stain floor.

Adding color, of course, is often the point of using a micro-topping. With this project, we used different blended tones of brown to add depth to the space.

For more details on the smooth, fresh looks you can achieve with a Blackwater Micro-Topping, contact us today